Spring Cleaning with RVandOffRoad.com

We are about to mark our one-year anniversary living and working in the high desert of Southern California.  The transition from the lowlands of Cucamonga and Ontario, Calif where congestion finally squeezed us out was fairly smooth, though it took time and we did lose contact via telephone and email for awhile.  In the process of upgrading the lives of those of us who relocated to fresh air, blue skies and horizons that reach 50 miles nearly everyday, several products were sidelined to focus on the most popular things that we make. A couple of new items have been added to benefit the  active camping lifestyle and we do have a great new product under development for the fisherman.DSC01036

Celebrate the Spring season with us and take a 12% discount on any product at http://www.RVandOffRoad.com.  Kindly link this offer to your friends clubs and organizations because this offer extends to everyone and ends on April 30, 2017.  Order online and type in the promo code or give us a call at 800-216-1664
Promo Code : Spring 2017


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