WindTamer upgrades in process


WindTamer  project updates.

Our KickStarter campaign launched in November ended with the positive results expected.  We received great exposure and worldwide media write-ups.  Understanding the dynamics of crowd funding analytics beforehand we landed about where we thought we would.

During the time since then the crew has worked diligently toward improvements in design and functionality of WindTamer with group mealtime at base camp in mind.  Lifestyle in the campground should never be compromised because of weather, family and friends.

Knowing that you don’t eat in shifts at home, or in restaurants, we decided that the addition of a warming tray conveniently placed above the stove is a great idea.   At breakfast piles of pancakes will be stacked up and kept warm alongside bowls of scramble eggs, bacon, and biscuits until everyone is ready to sit down together.  Not only does our approach keep food warm until ready to serve but this will also reduce the need to carry multiple camp stoves thus conserving space and fuel.

WindTamer  warming tray will hold 3 ten inch plates, bowls, casseroles or pies.

If everyone will kindly share this post with friends and other campers we can notify everyone when we are in production.


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